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Treatment for Vascular Lesions (Unsightly Leg Veins).

Unsightly veins that result from heredity, pregnancy, trauma and the normal aging process are not necessary to the circulatory system and can be removed without creating a health problem.


The laser system is designed to treat veins safely and effectively. The laser light penetrates the vessels and generates heat resulting in blood coagulation and intended vessel wall damage and collapse. There is a limit to the size of vessel that can be effectively treated. Benefits of this treatment include the reduction or elimination of superficial and/or deep veins.


A topical anesthetic may be applied before treatment to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Photographs of the treatment area may be taken for your medical chart and future comparison. Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve complete satisfaction. Short-term redness can be expected.


Possible risks or discomforts (side effects) may include pain, burning, blister formation, and stinging sensation. Recurrence of vessels at the treated sites is also a possibility. There may also be possible hair removal at treatment site.


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